Wholesale Central Station Alarm Monitoring
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Central Station Alarm Monitoring Services
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Wholesale Central Station Alarm Monitoring
For Information Call: 1-800-228-5748

If your customers are relying on cable or internet phone service their alarm systems may not be able to transmit during power outages.

Cable modems, network routers, etc. will not operate during power outages without properly maintained uninterruptible power supplies.

Also, if cable service is disrupted for any reason, the alarm will not be able to transmit.

Make sure your customers know they need a backup means of communications if the primary is interrupted.

Please call if you have any questions about IP monitoring, radios, or VoIP.

Keep your customers when they lose their land line!

Today, not all phone service is 100% compatible with traditional dial-up alarm panels.  But there are several ways to keep your customers online when they decide to cancel their standard phone lines.

GSM / CDMA Radio:
Radio is quickly becoming the new normal for
alarm transmission.  Many alarm companies are installing radio only systems with no land line at all.  Contact us for more info on supported radio service providers.

IP Monitoring:

IP Signals are sent directly over the internet to our IP receivers, or through a third party. Our list of supported IP communicators is growing. Check with us for more info.
Many Options
No matter what type of
system you are installing -
from basic intrusion to
sophisticated commercial
fire alarm, there's a radio
product available for you.
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