Monitoring Services

Basic Monitoring
We define basic monitoring as everything you need for the typical residential customer.  It includes free monthly test signal supervision, generous zone allocation, and supervised trouble signals.

UL Monitoring
We offer UL monitoring for fire alarms and burglar alarms.  Please call for more information.

Open/Close Monitoring
We highly recommend open/close monitoring as standard on any commercial account. Reports can be automatically emailed to your clients.

IP Monitoring
Alarm signals are sent over the internet to our IP receivers.  Please call for information on our growing list of supported hardware.

Radio Monitoring
Radio is the new normal for alarm transmission.  We support the major manufacturers and a growing number of new players in the alarm radio market.

Our Operators are Your Operators
Our operators use your name when responding to alarm signals from your accounts.  When your customers call us they hear a generic greeting which does not mention our name.  Custom greetings and call back numbers are also available for dealers with over 400 accounts.

Technical Support
Our operators can provide basic user level assistance to your customers.  They can help with arming, disarming, bypassing, silencing trouble conditions, and other functions of most popular alarm panels.

Advanced Support
Our technical staff can provide higher levels of support to you and your technicians.  Problems
with alarm transmission can often be solved without
making a call to the manufacturer's technical
support team.
Wholesale Central Station Alarm Monitoring
For Information Call: 1-800-228-5748
Central Station Alarm Monitoring Services
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Wholesale Central Station Alarm Monitoring
For Information Call: 1-800-228-5748