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Why Change Monitoring Companies?
There are many reasons you might need to move your accounts to another central station.  Bad service and high rates are the most common.  But companies can change hands, go out of business, and merge with others - any of which can lead to the need for a change.

You've decided to go, now what?
If you happen to have your own 800 number programmed in all of your panels it's a matter of re-pointing that number to the new monitoring company.  However, if that company can not provide you the same account numbers you are currently using, you will have to reprogram each one. That means paying a visit to every panel if you can't remotely program them. 

Unlimited Account Numbers
We eliminate this problem by being able to provide any account number range from 0001 to 9999.  So even if you have accounts in several different ranges, we can accommodate you.

Don't have your own 800 number? No problem.
We can provide a number for you, or you can acquire one through your phone company.  In either case you will have to reprogram each panel with the new number.
The good news is you can keep all your existing account numbers.  Further, after you have done the work of changing phone numbers, you will never have to do it again.  This makes selling your accounts much easier down the road.

I have my own 800 number:
All you have to do is send your account data to us.  After we've entered your data into our system, have the phone company point your number to one of ours.

I don't have my own 800 number:
We can provide one, or you can get your own.  Then, each panel must be reprogrammed.  Some of our customers do this over a period of months or years.  They set up all new accounts with us, then change over the others as time permits.

Advantages of having a private number:
-Ability to move accounts quickly. 
-Lower monitoring rates*
-Attractive to potential buyers
-Not a shared number.  No chance of conflict.

*Standard rates apply to CSA provided number.

Please call if you have questions about any of the topics listed here.  We will be happy to work with you to make your transition go as smoothly as possible.
Wholesale Central Station Alarm Monitoring
For Information Call: 1-800-228-5748
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Wholesale Central Station Alarm Monitoring
For Information Call: 1-800-228-5748